Adam and Eve, the First Failed Diet


We have all heard the story of Adam and Eve before. God creates Adam eve. They get tempted by the serpent. Eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They get kicked out of Eden.

Pretty self-explanatory. We tend to always focus on the fact that this was the first sin. We should learn from their mistake, right?

We all understand that we should not disobey God but we are still being tempted the exact same way Adam and Eve were thousands of years ago.

We still don’t eat correctly. The first sin, the fall of man, was the first failed diet plan.

God explained it just like every other diet that came after. Eat this, not this. And guess what happened. We continue to eat what we shouldn’t eat.

We always focus on the disobeying. Don’t get me wrong, that is important. But it’s the action, Adam and Eve did to disobey that is the most interesting for our purposes.


fig-leaf-1657854_1920Before the Adam and Eve sinned, the Bible states that “they were naked and felt no shame.” I want that! Don’t you?

I don’t do it often, but when I am naked I don’t feel confident. Heck, I don’t feel confident in my body fully dressed.

After Adam and Eve ate from the tree, they clothed themselves and hid. Because they were naked. This is more like me today. I put on clothing to hide.

I am not saying my goal is to walk around naked all day long. Even though I know my wife would enjoy it. My goal is to feel no shame when naked or even clothed.

God, from the very beginning, had a plan for us. That is what I focus on here at Taking the physical elements God wants us to do and connecting it with the relationship/spiritual growing tasks.

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