Genesis 5 – Adam to Noah – DEVOTIONAL



Genesis 5


Genesis 5:1 “…God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God.” This is the 4 or 5th time it is stated that we are made in God’s likeness/image.

Family Tree: Adam > Seth > Enosh > Kenan > Mahalalel > Jared > Enoch > Methuselah > Lamech > Noah (9 Generations)

We are given the same information about all of these Men, except Enoch. Enoch, we are told, walked faithfully with God and when he was no more God took him away. Enoch only lived 365 years. This is the shortest of all the men. Most of the men died when they were 800-900 years old. Why was Enoch different?

Noah is stated as being the father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. These 3 must be important because all the men before only states their 1st born.

In doing the math, it looks like the Flood killed Noah’s Grandpa, Methuselah. Lamech, Noah’s father, passed away a few years before.

genealogy-from-adam-to-noah(image courtesy of


I don’t know what the application for this reading on my life or your life. It could just be to give you information to show you the timeline of events.

The one thing that did stand out was Enoch. Moses, writer of Genesis, makes a point to say that Enoch walked faithfully.

Besides just knowing the history between Adam and Noah, maybe this is just a friendly reminder to walk faithfully with God. People notice.


Dear God,

Thank you for my family, Thank you just the men and women that came before me. If it was not for them I would not be here. Help me to walk faithfully with you. Let me be like Enoch.


Daily Focus:

Let your faith shine today. Don’t be afraid.

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