It’s day 3 of my 40-day challenge. I woke up early, 4am. It’s the only time I have in the day that I can really focus on me. Sleep is overrated, right? At least that’s what I tell myself. I will find out later when I can barely keep my […]

Its Not About Being Perfect

It was roughly 5 years when I first started researching God’s view on our diet and health. It just makes sense. He created all of us. Why wouldn’t He give us the blueprints to keeping ourselves healthy? But why am I still fat? I know body shaming is bad. But […]

My 40 Day Challenge – Day 1

Last week that yearly special day happened, My birthday. Growing up my birthday as a huge event. Custom homemade cakes, lavish parties, mountains of gifts. I had a great childhood. Growing older the actual celebration of my birthday has become less and less of a thing to me. Not because […]

31 Truths I’ve Learned in 31 Years of Life

  You can’t look very far on a menu at any restaurant before you see it. At most restaurants, they even give you some before even giving you the menu. I’m talking about carbs. That macronutrient that fills us up and is our body’s preferred source of energy. Carbohydrates you […]

Carbohydrates 101 – The Christian’s Guide to “Our Daily Bread”

  When it comes to food, nothing gets me more excited than a nice, juicy, and cooked to perfection, piece of meat. All meat in the world of nutrition is classified as a protein. Protein is what feeds and builds muscle. And who doesn’t want more muscle? If we didn’t […]

Protein 101 – A Christian’s Guide to Protein

“What did I get talked into?” kept repeating in my mind as I stood herded like sheep in a pen waiting for this chaos to start. AROO! AROO! AROO! The people around me are chanting and jumping. “What did I get talked into?” One more AROO, and everyone starts running. […]

I Am A Spartan! What I Learned About Myself While ...