My name is Tyler Inloes. I’m a Christian, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Formerly employed by some of the biggest companies in the fitness industry, I’m the founder and CEO of Five17Fitness.com, an online community committed to transforming Christians bodies into the God-given temple they were designed to be. I’m the creator of the Holy Diet, the only diet based on Biblical truths. I now devote my time to making videos, coaching and being the best husband and father I can be.


My job is to transform your body into the temple God designed it to be.


That is why I exist. I would describe myself as the “Peter” of the fitness industry. I have made every fitness mistake there is (from protein shake diets to 100 burpee challenges). And just like Peter, after adding some discipline to my passion, I figured out the anything is possible with some holy boldness. My vision to see more Christian have this boldness. Thus transforming their bodies and lives to match their faith.

On a personal note, I grew up as a chunky Christians. Growing up in the church, I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember. At church, I was always the kid that hung around the welcome/doughnut table. This did not help in the chunky department. My weight and my faith have always been leading factors in my life. So from an early age, God has been grooming me for this mission that I am on. Some of my favorite things now include sushi, Warriors basketball, Marvel, Disneyland, and anything with my wife, Danyelle, and our two kids.

A little over 5 years ago, I was faced with a problem. Every week I was having to learn a new random/fad diet that my client was trying out. I decided that there had to be a “perfect” diet and I was going to create. God took this moment to humble me and told me to focus on him.  God created us. He has to know what is best for our bodies. The story below shares my story of how I turned my weight and faith into Five17Fitness.com and the Holy Diet.




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